Cattlemen’s Ball Goes “Old Hollywood” for PAC Fundraising Event

Cattlemen and ranching advocates convened on the beautiful property of Sunriver Resort on a Saturday night, dressed in their finest to support the political actions of the Oregon cattle industry. To a theme of “Old Hollywood,” the stars of the show were the table sponsors and the keynote speaker; Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Knute Buehler.
The Cattlemen’s Ball is a fancy evening of fine dining, socializing and cocktails, whose purpose is to raise money for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s Political Action Committee to be used to support the political actions of those interested in protecting the property, natural resources and livelihood of Oregon’s cattle ranchers.
The evening consisted of a riveting game of Texas Hold’em, resulting with the winning hand getting $535.00. An Old Hollywood trivia game won by a table featuring Dr. Knute Buehler and his wife Patty, was met with much competition and laughter as teams battled it out to be the most knowledgeable. Other games throughout the night gave away resort stays, vacations, wine and more.
“The one essential thing we are lacking right now is leadership and leadership at the top… [that] can return us to the days when we were proud to take on and solve big problems in Oregon. Instead of closing millions of acres of land in this state and mismanaging it until it goes up in flames to wildfires,” Dr. Buehler said in his speech. His proposal was to work with specialists and the people who live on the land to understand the best approach to managing Oregon’s natural resources.
“When I am governor, I will do everything in my power to get the Hammonds out of Federal prison,” Dr. Buehler stated in the conclusion of his speech, to a large round of applause. The Hammond family have been pulled through the trenches over the past two years and the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has worked strenuously to bring forth the light of the injustice placed upon this amazing ranching family.
The future of Oregon’s politics looks bright with the upcoming campaign of Dr. Buehler and team. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is thankful for his energy and passion for restoring Oregon to the grandeur she is capable of and are excited to be a part of this journey. If you are interested in learning more about the Cattlemen’s Ball or donating to the Oregon Cattle Political Action fund, contact us today at 503.361.8941; we hope to see you there next year!