Variable Speed Sign Test Underway in Eastern Oregon

In a first of its kind project in Oregon, ODOT highway managers are testing new variable speed signs to provide a greater margin of safety during winter weather on Interstate 84.
Over the past few weeks, crews from ODOT have been installing variable speed signs in a critical 30 mile corridor of Interstate 84 from Ladd Canyon to Baker City.
These electronic message boards indicate a safe speed limit for vehicles when weather conditions turn adverse. Computers collect data regarding temperature, skid resistance (ice) and average motorist speed to determine the most effective speed limit for this area and then present that speed on the variable speed signs. This gives motorists additional information about their drive in order to remain safer on the highway. The signs will lower and raise speeds automatically to meet observed conditions on the roadway.
Currently, the new variable speed signs are in a test phase and are expect to go live on November 1. At that time, they will indicate the speed limit which will be enforceable by state and local police.
Motorists may notice these signs as they traverse the highway and various on-ramps between Ladd Canyon and Baker City.