Buckley Hired as Assistant Managing Artistic Director at EOH

By Lori Kimbel

Carol Buckley has recently been hired as the Assistant Managing Artistic Director for the Elgin Opera House.
One of her first tasks has been to organize the first ever Media Night.
Members of the media from around Union County were entertained by the cast of Little Mermaid, as they acted out several different scenes. They were then allowed to interview actors and actresses as well as members of the crew.
“I did not realize how much Terry Hale has done over the years,” said Buckley, who is excited to help out with Hale’s workload.
“Carol has been able to put together some of the things Terry has wanted to for a long time, but did not have the bandwidth to make it happen,” said board member Kathy Bonney. “We are growing this type of activity and Carol will help promote our progress.”

“She saved our program,” said Hale. “Without her help I don’t think I could have gone on. Even this media night just could not have happened without Carol.”