Pendleton Bronze Trail Website Ready to Guide Travelers

Travel Pendleton just released the new Pendleton Bronze Trail website ( to encourage tourists to not only learn about Pendleton’s rich western heritage but also to get them walking around town to see all the sites. This site is optimized for mobile and tablet use. Every page features a brief history of each statue that can be listened to or read and an interactive map of each statue’s location. There are 20 works of art on the trail currently with two more to be added at the end of the summer when the statues are installed downtown along with physical signage to mark the trail.

The Duke Joseph Agency worked closely with Travel Pendleton to craft the site and develop the trail route. With the help of the Historical Society, statue artists and owners, and the City of Pendleton, Travel Pendleton is delivering the opportunity to get to know more of Pendleton’s colorful heritage. Funding for the website was made possible by Pendleton Arts Commission and the Pendleton Development Corporation. Both are committed to the livability and enhancement of Pendleton.

The City of Pendleton takes pride in its history, as well as the beautification of its public spaces. Visitors to Pendleton will be able to guide themselves around and experience the history and culture of Pendleton with shopping and dining sprinkled in-between.