BMCC, CTUIR renew agreement for Native American Advisory Board

Officials from Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) recently renewed an agreement to continue the join Native American Advisory Board to enhance the education of Native American students and educate BMCC students about the CTUIR.
The Memorandum of Agreement was signed during BMCC’s regular Board of Education meeting on the Pendleton campus by BMCC President Cam Preus and Board Chair Ed Taber, as well as CTUIR Board of Trustees
Chair Gary Burke, CTUIR Education and Training Committee member Kat Brigham and CTUIR Director of Education Modesta Minthorn.
“BMCC believes it is important that we continue this liaison and cultural connection with the CTUIR,” Preus said. “This MOU signifies the renewal of BMCC’s commitment and energy to recognizing the valuable relationship with the CTUIR and our Native American culture in the region and on campus.”
Burke called the document “very important for the future of our tribe and future of our students, and all students.”
The Native American Advisory Board was originally established in 2002. Its representatives include the CTUIR human resources director (currently Kathryn Burke), the CTUIR Education Director (Minthorn), a member of the CTUIR’s Education and Training Committee (Quaempts), BMCC’s Vice President of Instruction (currently Jim Whittaker), BMCC’s Student Services Officer (currently Wade Muller), the BMCC Tribal Coordinator (currently Annie Smith), and
the BMCC President (Preus).
The Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the CTUIR Education Director and the BMCC President. The group provides a forum for mutual collaboration and communication, work to enhance the education of Native students, educate BMCC students about the CTUIR, and develop a relationship for resources and program
development between CTUIR and BMCC. The Board meets at least twice each year.