How To Apply For A Wayleave Agreement

I suggest you first find out if there is an agreement between the former landowners and SSE? Consulting with your local manager would be an interesting option, as they might have details about your current cadastre property. Have you had any discussions with SSE about access to the country? Perhaps a bit like Don Tuske`s experience: we have problems with SSE miscommunication on sheets and the work to be done. The team appeared without notice yesterday, although this happened a few weeks ago and I asked SSE to tell us in advance. (Policy documents say 5 days in advance, except in an emergency.) We have to work on our land, but we are not happy with some of the claims made by the team, their responsibilities, etc., so we investigate. If I were you, Don, I`d be careful with SSE`s quick offers. What you`re describing, installing devices without the knowledge, let alone okay, horrifies me. Good luck! Is there a difference between a wayleave and an easement? Like Wayleaves, an easement or dead of grant provider is the legal right to access and wait for their cabling and infrastructure on private land. An easement requires only a one-time payment to ensure permanent access, while a Wayleave is usually a temporary agreement. Landowners can request that a previously agreed Wayleave be renegotiated and amended into an easement agreement, but not the other way around. I followed a Wayleave agreement with UKPN on tuberculosis; I have a mast with only one living room that carries an 11KV cable about 80` from my house; The cable goes down and up and next to my house (about 3m from the property) for a total length of 80m. Also to point out that Savvydad is right that TB has the highest royalty, but there are not the most successful.

They often exaggerate the money they can receive, they also propose that low-voltage agreements be negotiable – they are absolutely not. Payments are based on fixed rates per device. I would like to see a current rate. Unfortunately, real estate, land, utilities, and conditions mean it`s very difficult to compare payments and claims side-by-side. Have you tried to contact your local agents through your city council? A written legal agreement between us and the owner of the land or land. .