Texas Interlocal Purchasing Agreement

For public institutions such as public education institutions, higher education institutions and municipal or regional governments, membership in a purchasing cooperative has the following advantages: TIPS is an acronym for The Interlocal Purchasing System. TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative that offers access to competitive purchase contracts for its membership. TIPS is located in the 8 Education Service Center in Pittsburg, Texas, and is managed by it. For more information, see Lisa Llamas at (512) 475-4549 or lisa.llamas@dir.texas.gov. ยท Other Companies With Legal Purchasing/Auction Requirements (b) A party to an interlocal contract may enter into a contract with assistance in the procurement process by qualified TIPS employees Tips TIPS employees work closely with tips legal counsel to verify that the state`s right of sale allows the operation of cooperatives within the state through direct agreements or loonies. This legal power is accessible through the state on the TIPS website. Ultimately, it is the buyer`s responsibility to ensure that all aspects of a particular purchase comply with state procurement laws, rules and rules. 2. How does my organization benefit from using a purchasing co-op like TIPS? Cooperative Contracts is a cooperative technology products and services program managed by DIR on behalf of the State of Texas. All the purchase work is already complete for you: the lenders have responded and obtained contracts as part of a competitive bidding process, and discounted prices have been negotiated. Before purchasing a technology product, non-governmental public bodies must have an implemented interconnection contract (ISC). Please see the list (by state) below to find out if your organization has already reached an agreement with YOU. (g) A public body in that state or another state that makes purchases or provides purchasing services to a public agency under an interlocal contract, as defined in Section 771.002, must comply with Chapter 2161 when purchasing or providing services.

9. I`m not from Texas. Does the tips purchasing process meet my state`s purchasing requirements? SECTION 2. Section 791.011 GOV`T, Government Code, is amended by amending subsection b) and adding the subsection (g) to read: . University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska, DIR-TSO-IC717 – PDF (142 KB) . Prince George`s Community College, Maryland, DIR-SDD-IC370 – PDF (138 KB) .