Scheduling Agreement Gr

LooksPratap N Ghate-919820582929From: sanjeev kumar via sap-log-mm []Posted: Monday, May 25, 2009 11:57 AMTo: GHATE PRATAPSub: Reject: RE:[sap log-mm] How to make GR for appointments? [] Dear Pasumarthi, you need to create the classification to make the GR for the delivery plan. Thank you and cordial greetings,Sanjeev In order to improve performance, this DataSource contains no information about delivery plans. This also applies to return items, service items and limited items. Open order (PO) with ME23N (ME33L delivery plan) and for the process of ordering. Dear Pasumarthi, you need to create the classification to make the GR for the delivery plan. Thank you and cordially Greetings,Sanjeev Create an appointment first ME31 , then the release schedule on Tcode ME38, then MIGO Welcome against Order , put the agreement of scheduling No. The next window puts 10 and checks and records. Keywords: See above. Ranking lines, delivery plan, receipt of goods, delivery plan, order, history, history, responses, historical data sets, cumulatively planned It is important to note that the steps below can only be performed for one line in an order on time.

I used an example for the frame po, but the same can be used for the activation agreement. I am facing a problem of creating GR for the Schedule agreement. If I do GR, it says that there are no articles, although the planning agreement and the scheduling positions are maintained. Sometimes if there are many lines, and when we don`t automatically learn all the gr lines for a line and don`t come in stock or aren`t displayed in the divisions. I`m in version 4.7. Exhibit 450000001, section 0010, includes the following classifications: Difference between classification quantity (SCLQTY) and total quantity (TTLQTY) In the purchase component in the SAP R/3 system, you will find data on the movement of goods in the EKBE table (purchase history) and classification data in the EScheduling (Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines) table. Make sure that in the value section, this is the sum of the value if the number changes it in sum. . In conclusion, in a calculated field where we created the formula in Step – 3 if its zero, the GR was used and if it is negative, it is the value of the amount that this GR must be to be IR`ed.