Happy Canyon Earns Oregon Heritage Toursim Award at the 2016 Governor’s Conference on Tourism

Carolyn Hill, Executive Director of the Crater Lake National Park Trust and CEO of Travel Southern Oregon, and Craig Ackerman, Superintendent of Crater Lake National Park, earned the 2015 Governor’s Tourism Award.
PENDLETON, Ore. – The Oregon Tourism Commission (dba Travel Oregon) is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 Travel and Tourism Industry Achievement Awards, presented at the 2016 Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Pendleton, Ore.
The annual awards recognize people and organizations across the state that go the extra mile to enhance the travel and tourism industry in Oregon. The award recipients are outstanding examples of professionals who, by virtue of their vision, perseverance and dedication, are a credit to Oregon’s tourism and hospitality industry Download whatsapp on mac.
The state’s most prized recognition is the Governor’s Tourism Award. This year’s award recognizes the sister park agreement between Crater Lake National Park and Wuyishan National Scenic Area (a UNESCO World Heritage Site in China). To honor their efforts in finalizing the agreement, the award was presented to Carolyn Hill, Executive Director of the Crater Lake National Park Trust and CEO of Travel Southern Oregon, and to Craig Ackerman, Superintendent of Crater Lake National Park.
“I applaud Carolyn Hill and Craig Ackerman for their efforts to further strengthen the bond between Oregon and her sister state in China, the Fujian Province,” said Oregon Governor Kate Brown. “By achieving greater understanding of our respective natural environments, we cultivate mutual respect for and understanding of each other’s cultures.”
The 2015 Travel and Tourism Industry Achievement Awards were announced in these categories:
The Oregon Heritage Tourism Award recognizes outstanding incorporation of Oregon’s authentic cultural or natural history as a way to draw visitors to the state sanftes meeresrauschen mp3 kostenlos downloaden. Distinguished as America’s longest running community pageant, the Happy Canyon Indian Pageant and Wild West Night Show and its 800 volunteers lauded this year’s award. Volunteers recreate the history of Pendleton, beginning with the proud traditions of its first citizens, the peoples of the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla nations. They then trace the arrival of settlers in search of a new promised land, and the coming of the cowboys who have forever left their mark on the frontier town. The pageant runs annually in conjunction with the Pendleton Round-Up.

Roy Raley and Anna Minthorn Wannassay wrote the script for the pageant 100 years ago herunterladen. To be honored by Travel Oregon is humbling for the 800 volunteers who put on the Happy Canyon Indian Pageant & Wild West Show. The award recognizes outstanding incorporation of Oregon’s authentic cultural history as a way to draw visitors to our state. We pride ourselves on authenticity from our tribal cast and their regalia to the wagon our oxen team pulls, one thing we are, is authentic.
Corey Neistadt
Happy Canyon
Publicity Director

The Gene Leo Memorial Award was established in 1994 to honor the late Gene Leo, known for his Oregon tourism contributions as Director of the Oregon Zoo, Portland Rose Festival and the Portland Oregon Visitors Association (now Travel Portland). Gene revered Oregon’s natural beauty, loved her people and enjoyed the outdoors with gusto. This award recognizes an outstanding contribution for a tourism-related activity or attraction focused on Oregon’s natural beauty or outdoor recreation. The award was presented to the Willamette Riverkeeper, for its efforts to protect and restore the Willamette River. The group also provides opportunities to learn and explore the river through paddling trips and presentations from its River Discovery Education Program kostenlos herunterladen open office.
The Outstanding Oregon Tourism Volunteer Award recognizes the significant commitment by an individual or a group of individuals who exemplify the positive impact volunteers have on Oregon’s travel and tourism industry. The award was presented to Marie Longfellow of Cottage Grove, for her work leading the city’s graffiti rapid response team. Longfellow voluntarily assists the city in removing graffiti from covered bridges and other high-traffic locations to keep Cottage Grove beautiful.
The International Sales and Development Award recognizes excellence in the creative sales, marketing and development of Oregon as a destination in the international marketplace. The award was given to Lorna Davis, Executive Director of the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce. An ambassador for the state, Davis helps sell Oregon to visitors across the globe through creative and collaborative efforts at international trade shows and by facilitating familiarization tours herunterladen.
The Oregon Tourism Development Award recognizes creation of an innovative program, promotion, or product, utilizing best practices, sustainability, and creative problem-solving. This year’s award was presented to the Redfish Rocks Community Team for their efforts in creating a Scuba fill station in Port Orford. As a result of this new infrastructure, an additional 135 miles of coastline are now easier to access for Scuba activities to take advantage of year-round diving conditions.
The Outstanding Oregon PR Initiative Award recognizes the best domestic PR program that resulted in quality earned media coverage and inspired travel to Oregon. The Jupiter Hotel earned the award for its efforts to position itself as the epicenter of Portland’s artisan community by focusing on local partnerships nero brennprogramm herunterladen. The hotel’s #Portland blog focuses on local beer, food, music, arts and travel and its “Portland Experience” packages highlight these same destination activities.
The Outstanding Oregon Social Media Program Award recognizes the best international or domestic social media program that engages or inspires potential travel to Oregon. For the second consecutive year, the award was presented to Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. It’s “Win Bigfoot’s Dream Date” two-month campaign netted 995 contest entries and 416 new email subscribers while engagements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter swelled. The interest in Bigfoot from this short campaign has spurred integration into future marketing strategies.
The Outstanding Oregon Visitor Guide Award celebrates the best domestic or international content program that inspires potential travel to Oregon auto spiele zum herunterladen kostenlos. Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory earns the award for its 2015 Travel Planner. The 36-page book was created as a trip-planning resource, but its photography, local voices and easily digestible content inspire visitors to keep the publication as a point of reference and to display it once their journey is complete.
The Oregon Outstanding Advertising Award recognizes superior advertising communication, regardless of budget size or medium. The award was presented to the Tillamook County Creamery Association for their Co-Op advertising campaign that targeted dairy lovers everywhere who believe in the power of real, honest food, and encourages these everyday people to make decisions about the company’s products.
The Outstanding Oregon Website Award celebrates websites that utilize industry best practices in design, technology, strategy and content to impact travel to Oregon. The City of Seaside Visitors Bureau earned the award for www.seasideor.com. In a colorful, simple and informative format, the website allows visitors to navigate easily so they can spend less time online and more time walking the Promenade, enjoying the carousel or riding the waves where surfing conditions are known as some of the best in the Northwest witzige sprüche kostenlos downloaden.
The Outstanding Overall Oregon Marketing Program Award recognizes the best integrated domestic or international overall marketing program or campaign that attracted visitors to Oregon. The award was presented to the Central Oregon Visitors Association for its “Adventure Calls” campaign. Targeting young adults in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest, the print, digital and social campaign connected with travelers interested in adventure, trying new things and making memories. Website sessions increased 141 percent and the California audience grew by 334 percent. Most telling of the campaign’s success, occupancy rates rose by 4.9 percent.
The Oregon Tourism Leadership Award recognizes individuals who champion the value of tourism and whose leadership behind the scenes contributes significantly to the recognition and impact of Oregon’s travel and tourism industry from instagram videos. Paving the way for the next generation to gain knowledge and a growing passion for tourism, Melissa Steinman, owner of the Kayak Shack in Waldport, earned the award. A Waldport High School teacher, Steinman runs and operates the Kayak Shack alongside her students in an effort to educate them on tour operating. She has also received a grant to fund tourism curriculum to allow students to learn more about getting jobs in coastal tourism and rural marketing.

Our hosts have welcomed us completely and you came ready to learn, you came ready to inspire, you came ready to connect. We are partners, we’re a family really. In fact some of this refer to this as our family reunion, I will tell you the image I am most drawn to is that of a family reunion because for me it depicts the goal that we are all striving for as an industry youtube video as mp3.
As I said yesterday morning nothing happens by accident at the Oregon’s travel and tourism industry, they happen because we have been deliberate, we have been strategic and we have been humbled. And I believe that for our family, humility is the most important. All of us, you and me, all of us, humble ourselves in service to one another and to the needs of our visitors. I was reminded during this conference of that very fact. I had a chance to meet Jennifer the owner of Cimmiattis a fabulous restaurant in downtown Pendleton and if you haven’t had an opportunity to eat there, come back, stay longer, do whatever you need to do. It is a fabulous restaurant, the culinary scene in Pendleton is really really blossoming, and Cimmottis is evidence to that. In talking to Jennifer the owner of Cimmiatios I also learned that the night of our awards gala, she came here, put on a tuxedo shirt and waited tables. ….She’s the owner of the restaurant in downtown Pendleton but she also came out here to help serve dinner, so that she could support and be part of that additional family so she could help put on a conference of this size here.
So this reminds me again that there are no small players in Oregon’s travel and tourism industry. And we must continue to insure that only big thinking propels us forward. Thinking that ignores geo political boundaries were necessary, thinking that will perpetually and effortlessly position us as not some singular, isolated, stand-alone entity but as really a pivotal, beautiful interwoven fabric of Oregon’s travel and tourism industry. It’s exactly the kind of thing that our industry in Oregon is known for and building upon the success that we’ve established is going to require tenacity, and vision, but most of all its going to take trust. So as each of prepares to depart from this year’s conference join me please join me in recommitting yourself to deliberately and strategically remaining open to new ideas, communicating directly and productively and keeping your eyes firmly fixed on the prize. The prize of performing as one so we can go fast and working together so we can go far and when necessary….take a walk.
Todd Davidson
CEO Travel Oregon