RCDC, City, County, and BMCC Partner on New Housing Study

The lack of affordable workforce housing is a major obstacle for job creation and economic development in Pendleton.
In 2011, the City of Pendleton commissioned a study of residential housing in Pendleton using the Oregon Solutions process. Representatives from the areas of finance, construction, real estate, and government helped with this effort.
On February 26th, the Round-Up City Development Corporation, the City of Pendleton, Umatilla County and Blue Mountain Community College will partner to update the findings of the 2011 study. The committee will also include members from the construction, real estate, energy, and business fields. John Turner was the Chair of the 2011 study and he will again chair the new study.
The first goal of the new study will be to get a current professional analysis of the Pendleton market. The 2011 analysis was conducted by Sabino Community Development Resources of Tucson, AZ. It showed that Pendleton housing was scarce, of lower quality, and aging. It did provide a useful tool for the City to attract prospective builders and developers and to show them there was an opportunity for building profitable houses and apartments in Pendleton.
The information in the 2011 analysis will be updated in the new study.
Since 2011, there have been approximately 156 new houses and apartment units built in Pendleton.
Other conclusions from the 2011 study showed a need to update the City Comprehensive plan and it made recommendations on how the City might partner with developers to provide more housing. Increasing the inventory of affordable housing has been a City priority for five years.
In addition to updating the housing analysis, the new study will propose ways to attract developers and make recommendations on how the City might provide infrastructure to new areas with the potential for affordable development.
The new study will take approximately four months to complete and recommendations will be presented to the City Council.