Modern Woodmen Expands Representation in NE Oregon

By Trish Yerges

Modern Woodmen of America announced its new representative in Union County, Kem Brainerd of Elgin, who is fully licensed to sell life, property, casualty and health insurance.
Brainerd has over 16 years of experience in the insurance business and looks forward to growing into additional areas of financial advising in the coming years.
“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members,” said Brainerd. “We do this by supporting quality family life, community impact and financial security. Modern Woodmen is a 501C8 non-profit organization that gives money back to the community.”
Modern Woodmen is one of the largest fraternal financial services organizations in the United States, helping members plan for their financial security through insurance, investment and banking products. It also offers a number of family-oriented member benefits and youth education programs.
The member-owned corporation was established in 1883 and has a regional headquarters in Caldwell, Idaho and corporate headquarters in Rock Island, Ill.
“Our program is designed for 7 key areas, including protection through life insurance, savings, retirement planning, retirement distribution, estate planning, business planning and employee benefits,” said Brainerd.
Modern Woodmen stresses the need for everyone to take responsibility for their own retirement savings. One reason for this is that 17 percent of U.S. companies have some kind of pension plan, but they are not fully funded. Only 3 percent of U.S. companies have fully funded pension plans anymore.
Modern Woodmen representatives encourage people to save four times their annual income for their retirement. They have different types of income-earning investments a person can utilize to develop their retirement funds, Brainerd said. This is particularly important for women, who live longer than men, often reaching the age of 94 years.
For estate planning, Modern Woodmen works as a group with the client’s choice of attorney and an accountant. The company rep offers investment counseling to help coordinate the beneficiaries listed on the will with other investment documents whether that is a 401K, an IRA account or life insurance policy.
Members of Modern Woodmen have access to about 16 different fraternal benefits and six youth educational programs. The benefits include a national parks pass, youth scholarships, prescription savings card, health screenings at reduced costs, savings on hearing care and others.
Brainerd is licensed to write business throughout the state of Oregon with a focus on Union County and Northeast Oregon. Patrick Harting of Caldwell is the regional director and Brainerd’s supervisor.