Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain!

Lori's Avatar2This letter is coming to you with a heavy heart. As I write this letter, smoke from the many forest fires that are burning hot in th PNW lays thick along the street by my house and in my yard.
Three men who were fighting one of the beasts in Twisp, will not return home to their families. Tom Zbyszewski was just 20 years old, Andrew Zajac was 26 and Richard Wheeler, a ten year firefighting veteran, was only 31. These lives were cut short and the northwest will forever remember their sacrifice.
Thousands, yes thousands, of people in the northwest are putting their lives on the line to save lives, homes, pets, wildlife, forests, grasslands and each other. Wildfire came knocking on our doors this summer and these heroic people answered the call. Amazing!
The past couple of months have been busy as usual for me. I decided I needed a new business name now that I am publishing The Gorge Business News as well as Northeast Oregon Business News, so I created Studio 6 Designworks – A Creative Publishing and Marketing Company. I am excited about working under this new name and just love my new logo.
In this issue of Northeast Oregon Business News we have done some Focus Features on Imbler and Summerville. Be sure to read about Nick West on page three, Willow Creek Horse Bed and Breakfast on page six, the Summerville Store on page seven and Sean Peterson on page 17.
If you are up for a little travleing, Rufus has a great new diner, the Bulldog Diner, stop in and grab a bite to eat, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you for picking up this latest issue of Northeast Oregon Business News. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.
Let’s hope that by the time the next issue rolls off of the press that the fires have been extinguished, and everyone fighting them have been able to return safely home to their families.
Thank you for answering the call firefighters!

Lori Kimbel