Oregon will be showcased around the US as WILD Premieres in Portland with Star-Studded Screening

Oregon Film and Travel Oregon Partner to Help Showcase Oregon’s Starring Role in Film

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Oregon is ready for its close up. On Dec. 8, the cast and crew of the movie WILD, based on the best-selling book by Cheryl Strayed, was in Portland to showcase the movie, which was filmed almost entirely within Oregon.
“Oregon’s stunning and diverse landscapes played a crucial part in landing this role for Oregon,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “When a destination such as Oregon is featured so prominently in a film, it can bring much-needed economic impact to rural areas through cast and crew expenditures and increased tourism, which can lead to more jobs for Oregonians throughout the state.”

The economic impact of WILD commenced last year in Oregon, when more than 200 cast and crew and 600 extras were hired to work on the film and at least 150 local vendors engaged in shoots throughout the state. The positive effect was widespread, with more locations shot throughout Oregon than any other film to date. Fox Searchlight considered California, New Mexico and Washington before selecting Oregon as the backdrop for the film.
“The difficulty in deciding where to shoot WILD stemmed from the unique nature of the story: it was a road movie…done entirely on foot,” said Tim Williams, executive Director of Oregon Film. “Along the way, the audience needed to see some of the most dramatic settings in western America – from high desert to deep snow drifts.”
Oregon’s widely varying and scenic terrain, along with the ease of incentives offered by Oregon Film, were two of the reasons Fox Searchlight chose to spend three months shooting almost every scene in WILD within Oregon.

“The film is a tribute to the beauty of Oregon and the Pacific Crest Trail,” said Todd Davidson, Travel Oregon CEO. “We anticipate an increase in visitation to the iconic spots highlighted in WILD, such as Crater Lake, Ashland, the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks all of the scenic vistas detailed in the book that come across so well in the movie.”
The movie regales the tale of Cheryl Strayed’s transformative experience while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Hiking is a much-loved activity in Oregon, with studies suggesting that nearly 35% of visitors participate in this activity while visiting the state. Which is no small number, given that more than 26 million travelers chose Oregon as a vacation destination in 2013, contributing greatly to the $9.6 billion the travel and tourism industry generates for the state’s economy, directly supporting nearly 94,000 jobs.
In order to elevate Oregon’s starring role in this much-anticipated film, Oregon Film and Travel Oregon collaborated with industry partners throughout the state to donate Oregon products for the Pacific Northwest-themed red-carpet premiere in L.A.
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Moreover, Travel Oregon is working with international media in Japan, Germany, U.K., Scandinavia and Australia to leverage Oregon’s role in the movie with an international audience, further inspiring travel to the state.
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