Oregon Outfitters – Revolutionizing the Outdoor Shopping Experience

A revolutionary new outdoor website recently launched! Oregon Outfitters is the first website of its kind. Blending outdoor shopping, social media and research tools together online for an unparalleled consumer experience called “Outfitting the Outdoors”.
Tom Johnson, founder of Oregon Outfitters said the reason he created the site was due to frustration of his own outdoor planning. For years, he would research his trips, buy gear and then share it all in separate areas of the internet. “Our site offers it all in one place,” Johnson said, “They can purchase gear, join a community, post and share their videos, get tips and tricks and use our premier research tool to plan their trip. We give the shopper a one stop shop!” Best of all, these social areas are free!
Oregon Outfitters caters to every area of the outdoors with over 30,000 products geared for hunting, fishing, climbing, kayaking, backpacking, etc. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if for any reason a shopper is not satisfied, their money will be refunded with no questions asked.
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We feel it’s exciting for a consumer to be featured in our ads so we encourage our consumers to submit their photos and videos with the items they’ve purchased.
In the future, Oregon Outfitters will also be implementing a kids camp. Johnson formed a foundation called “Outfitting Those in Need” to help disadvantaged kids learn about the outdoors and survival. Oregon Outfitters sets aside a portion of their profits to help kids enjoy the outdoors and learn skills not normally taught in school. Consumers will also have the opportunity to donate a dollar when they check out to fund the camps. Not only can a consumer have an amazing shopping experience, they can help kids in need!
For more information visit www.oregon-outfitters.com