Foodworx The Future of Food Conference

Foodworx, the Future of Food Conference will be held on February 7th in Portland, at the World Forestry Center at 4033 SW Canyon Road, and is presented by the World Food Travel Association.
“Oregon is a leader in the USA’s production of food, and especially of the helathy, natural and organic foods,” said Event Chair Erik Wolf. “We are well poised to lead the nation’s conversation about the future of our food.”
The event is held in Portland, but that in no way means it is just for those in and around Portland.
“FoodWorx isn’t regarded as a food event, – it’s a conference about food that attracts people from everywhere, and from all walks of life,” said Wolf. “Attendees run the gamut, from students and media relations people, to food manufacturers and farmers, to authors and healthcare professionals. It’s a great place to network, share your ideas, and ask your questions. We’re all part of our food system. And people in Oregon are perhaps a little more aware than other Americans that our food comes from healthy and sustainable farms. If you care about the contribution your business is making to the food system, FoodWorx is a great forum for inspiration and sharing. And beyond food production and farming, FoodWorx is for everyone who loves good food. February is a great month to travel to the Western part of Oregon, enjoy the great food, meet new people, taste new products and do some shopping while you’re at it! What’s not to love? The speakers are always great. The food is amazing. And the delegates are fun. It’s an inspiring event with fun people and great food!”