Wholly GuacamoleThat Was Good! – Top That Burgers, Wraps & More

The bright green and black sign of the Top That eatery in Island City seems to be somewhat of a challenge, one we decided to take.
We ventured into Top That, Burgers, Wraps & More, after an afternoon of traveling Northeast Oregon’s back roads, and since that day we have gone back several times.
With freshly painted walls and welcoming decor, we knew the potential for this becoming a favorite stop would depend on whether or not the food was delicious. It was, and Top That is my newest, favorite place to eat.
Bright colored lettering on jet black chalkboards laid out a huge variety of burgers, wraps and more, all with the options of topping your entrée with a list of additional items, including ham, bacon, several different cheeses, egg, chili, onion straws, the list goes on and on. To top even that, there is a long list of sauces, my favorite being the sweet chili. It went great with my chicken fajita warp I finally settled on.
So far we haven’t tried any of the desserts, since we have gotten too filled up on dinner, but I’m sure sooner, or later we will be in the mood for some ice cream and will stop in to try it.
They offer ice cream cones, floats, sundaes and cream drinks, with, you guessed it, a variety of toppings, including homemade hot fudge.
So go ahead, stop in at Top That and let them know Lori sent you. I am sure you will find plenty of food to top your favorite dish, and Top That will become your newest, favorite place to eat as well.