Oregon Mavericks – The Pedal Powered Talk Show

Now in their third season, the Pedal Powered Talk Show takes a trip through Northeast Oregon.
The Pedal Powered Talk Show is, yes, you guessed it, America’s only talk show built into a bicycle, and they just wrapped up their third season. Creator of the Pedal Powered Talk Show, Boaz Frankle, along with his crew, recently spent some time in Northeast Oregon filming and visiting with some famous, and not so famous locals.
“The Pedal Powered Talk Show crew and I loved our time out east. One morning we were taking in breathtaking views of canyons, then a few hours later we were getting a personal tour of one of Oregon’s largest tractor collections, and the next morning we were sampling some of the best truffles I’ve ever had. Your corner of the state is full of so many amazing surprises. We all want to come back soon,” said Frankle.
While bicycling around our Northeast Oregon the Pedal Powered Talk Show visited flute maker Roger McGee, of Wind Dancer Flutes, Erl McLauglin of Sunrise Iron , Alice Trindell of T & T Horsemanship and Eastern Oregon Visitors Association, Arrowhead Chocolates, Johnny Brose, of Bull Ridge Brew Pub, and Peter Johnson, of Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort. Each of these interviews are available to view at www.pedaltalkshow.com and be sure to notice the ‘Askamatic’, a Pedal Powered Talk Show original introduced to the show while they were on location in Northeast Oregon.
“While I was at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism I met Alice Trindell,” said Frankle. “She said we just had to come east, so we did. I was excited to finally bring the show to Eastern Oregon. It’s one of my favorite parts of the state and there’s so much to see out there.”
Now in their third season, the Pedal Powered Talk Show has been featured on AM Northwest, USA Today, KGW and KPTV. They have been in 1859 Magazine, the Oregonian, the Willamette Weekly and the Bicycle Times.
“With our pedal-powered production studio we can go anywhere and do anything; from talking to notable authors on the side of Mount Hood to interviewing local indie bands on a barge in the Willamette River,” said Frankle.
One outlet they have yet to break into is the popular television show Portlandia. At the 2014 Pedal Powered Talk Show Launch Party, the crew created a 3 foot tall letter with a plea to be included in an upcoming episode.
Be sure to “Like” the Pedal Powered Talk Show on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pedaltalkshow . Find them online at www.pedaltalkshow.com where you can see all the videos from NE Oregon.
Boaz Frankel is a filmmaker, TV producer, world record holder, kazoo museum curator, half of a creative advertising team and a native Portlander. You can learn more about him, and see some of his great interviews at www.stuffbyboaz.com
The Pedal Powered Talk Show bike was built by Phillip Ross and James Nichols of Metrofiets Cargo Bikes. The bike was built by hand from aircraft grade steel. The desk was created by Troy Susan, of Bamboo Craftsman. The wheels were custom made by Jude Kirstein, of Sugar Wheel Works. The bike is eight feet long and weighs about seventy-five pounds. Construction of the bike was funded by Keen Footwear.
“Hopefully we can pedal to other parts of the state as well, and bring attention to the many unique places, and people of Oregon,” said Frankle.